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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the artificial Grass include a Manufacturers Guarantee?

YES depending on which artificial grass you choose warrants which guarantee you are entitled too there are two different types, both stipulate the same terms over 6 or 10 years.

What are the positives of using artificial grass?

There are many positives for example: NO maintenance, colour all year round, ideal for pets, U.V. resistant, NO Lawnmowers, NO weed & feeding, Fully Stain Proof.

Can artificial grass be installed directly over existing surfaces?

YES For example artificial grass can be laid directly onto decking surfaces, patios (If uneven a sand layer is to be applied to even out the surface) also onto any concrete surface.

Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

YES A shorter pile is recommended this due to their paws and nails cannot snag a longer fibered carpet & pet foul is easier to dispose of.

Can children slide on artificial grass without causing injury?

YES Children can slide across artificial grass and can be assured they are protected against burns; all carpets have been tested and passed.

How is artificial grass secured?

Artificial grass is secured in many way, if the ground is relatively clay based, six inch galvanised nails can be used every four inches around the full perimeter, alternatively a concrete collar can be used as once set the carpet is glued to this forming a tight permanent fix (ideal if you have pets), a timber edge can be incorporated around the full edge using 1 inch clout nails to fix down securely.

Can ALL grids, manholes be covered?

YES once the carpet is fully rolled out over the surface and over the grids / manholes the lids can be carefully cut out a re glued to the manhole this in the long run prevents any untidiness and unsightly access points.

How is the grass laid?

The artificial grass comes in 2m & 4m wide rolls, quite simply the carpet is positioned and rolled out over the full area taking care then to cut in with a Stanley knife this then giving a clean cut finish, the joins are then taped and then glued and the perimeter fully secured.

Do you see a distinctive join when constructing a big area?

Initially you will see a very faint join this is normal at the early stages of the finished installation, once there has been activity on the grass the join in time will fade out, its like anything you join together initially you will recognise it.

Will artificial grass smell due to pet foul?

NO But it is advisable depending on how much pet foul accumulates to lightly hose your artificial grass, if there is very little use just a bucket of luke-warm water and a light brush go over the area with care.

Can any form of chemicals be used?

Its not advisable not to use any high toxic chemicals as this can cause damage, if anything use diluted washing up liquid as an alternative.

Can artificial grass be laid over protruding tree roots?

YES If the tree roots are protruding quite badly hardcore stone can be used to form a mound effect over the area so when the artificial grass is laid it gives the effect of it running with the natural surface.

Is artificial grass fire retardant?

YES The artificial carpets are fully tested and meet all requirements for fire retardancy.

Can garden furniture be used on artificial grass?

YES although it is advisable when placing any form of furniture or children trampolines on the artificial surface to use a form of castor under the legs as this spreads the weight and prevents the carpet from tearing.

Can artificial grass be laid over mounded areas?

YES but please bear in mind the carpet has to be slashed in many places this taking all the creases out so it sits flat and correctly on the mound, each section is then pulled round and re cut into each stich & then glued into place, a long process but very effective.

Can artificial grass be laid in any direction?

YES All artificial carpets have what is called a pile direction; ideally the fibre must fall towards the building as this gives a realistic look. If it is laid the opposite way this gives a much shinier effect this causing the look of fakeness, this is the wrong way, another alternative is to run the carpet across the house or building, this process is only done where a distinctive join is visibly seen directly in front of a door or in between patio windows.

Will a heavy shower drain through the artificial grass?

YES All artificial carpets have weep holes approx. every 4-5 inches throughout the whole carpet, so this will disperse the water.

Can a form of wooden edging be used?

YES A 4x2 timber edge can be used, this is positioned around the entire edge and with wooden stakes these are then screwed together holding the entire frame into place.

What prevents weed growth from taking place?

Once the sharp sand layer has been compacted a suppressant weed membrane covers the entire area and pinned; preventing weed growth from the surface.

If there is a drainage issue can I still have artificial grass?

YES Depending on how bad the drainage is land drains can be incorporated providing there is a sufficient gradient for the water to escape.

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